About Our Campaign

We are a grassroots ballot campaign to protect Michigan’s air and water by increasing the amount of our energy that comes from renewable sources.

Who We Are

We are a group of Michigan homeowners, farmers, doctors, pastors, elected officials, civil rights activists and other concerned individuals partnered with a number of coalitions including businesses, churches, labor unions, political organizations, advocacy and environmental action groups  who believe clean, renewable energy will improve the quality of public health and create jobs in Michigan. 

What We Are Doing

We are currently gathering signatures all over the state of Michigan to qualify this measure on the ballot this November. The goal of our measure is to increase the the requirement for renewable energy to have  30% of our energy come from renewable sources like wind and solar by 2030, with incremental benchmarks along the way. Right now, Michigan’s renewable energy requirements only push us to reach 15% by 2021. Increasing the amount of renewable energy is good for our economy, for our environment, clean air and clean water and will save us money. Other states have already figured this out and have much more aggressive requirements than we do.

Why We Are Doing It

Michigan families deserve clean air to breathe and water to drink and safe and healthy communities to raise a family. We all have a responsibility to reduce pollution and protect our environment, for ourselves and for future generations.

Transitioning to clean energy will protect our air and water from pollution while lowering costs for Michigan families and creating jobs in the fast-growing field of renewable energy. Michigan’s air quality is among the worst in the nation, which leads to high rates of related illnesses. But, it’s not just a health and safety issue, illness caused by pollution of our air and water costs us money in the form of medical bills, missed work and lower productivity.

Michigan is a beautiful state and we want to keep it that way. We rely on our lakes, rivers, forests and wild areas for drinking water, money from tourism and the shipping industry and we hunt, fish and play in them. Committing now to reducing our reliance on dirty fossil fuels and natural gas protects Michigan’s air and water  just makes sense for the future of our state.

What You Can Do

We can’t win this fight without your help! Join us to bring more  clean, renewable energy to Michigan. Get involved by endorsing our campaign or volunteering today!